Someone in my family recently had a vinyl installed and their chairs are leaving major indentations. For your fridge, yes you can install then slide it back into place. When you buy vinyl flooring it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. The joists actual depth are 9 inches so I’m assuming they are 2X10. A floor will need to provide for one or more of the following: * Structural support of the room’s contents and users and the weight of the floor itself; and * If the floor is a ground floor, provide resistance to: * Ground moisture; and * … Generally, planks are 6-7″ in width, but it will all depend on the look you are going for! 20mil is a pretty strong top coat that will be durable for heavier traffic. With that said, the thickness is an important factor to consider. The thickness of your vinyl isn’t a big concern here. Start over or add another layer? Many tile contractors can judge a floor’s deflection by walking around. The subfloor is 23/32 T&G OSB, with ¼ inch lauan and sheet … Also, would there be a problem with interlocking vinyl tile moving away eventually and accumulating dirt between the space? Jim and Rich advise using a bond-promoting primer to enable the mortar to better adhere to the existing floor, and to set the floor with a specialty polymer modified mortar. Would this extra thickness be worth the extra $. Still have questions? Overall vinyl is a better and more durable product than porcelain. The wear layer should be at least .3mm (12mil) – .5mm (20 mil) for the wheel chair usage. Hi Dan, thanks for your question. Bestlaminate’s blog is dedicated to you by making the home improvement process easier and more affordable. Our entry way is used very heavely because we have two dogs and are full time grain and livestock farmers. I would like to heat the bonus room with an electric radiant heat that would go under the LVP. Concrete subfloor, and being on the east coast, the temperature drops to 10deg where I am at. You should be fine with using a LVP with attached underlayment. By using a glue down, you’ll have a secure floor that will not move with temperature changes. Hi Becky, thanks for the question. I have concerns about my chairs and table in the kitchen leaving indentations when purchasing my new flooring. You don’t want the heat too high, as you could compromise the integrity of the flooring. If you need help purchasing a floor, please feel free to give us a call at 800-520-0961 or email us at Anything that I can do in preparation or installation to prevent. Is this normal? Can you put a washer/dryer, fridge, stove and dishwasher on top of this as well? With a 6.5mm WPC vinyl, you should be fine adding a 1.5mm or less underlayment beneath the cork. Thanks for pointing out that vinyl flooring planks with an engineered rigid core construction will have more dimensional stability than the standard vinyl. The floor is currently concrete and smooth, but it slopes slightly. So my question is isn’t their a vinyl floor that would accommodate the height I need? I may be back again once I get started. What would work best to adjust to the subtle valleys or raises of the floor? If you’d like to add coasters, just standard furniture coasters will be fine! I saw that Coretec and Shaw offer a LVP that is 12mm thick. Hi Joanne – Thank you for your question. I am installing the flooring in the basement over concrete. I have seen a lot of flooring at Lowe’s that advertise 8mm thickness. Now I have a completely flat floor. The best flooring for radiant heating has a thickness of 0.375 inches to 0.5 inches in these materials: natural stone tile; ceramic or porcelain; laminate; engineered hardwood; Most Resilient for Kids. I am not sure if you have a wood or concrete sub-floor, but you should have a professional look at this issue. If they install a second layer of wood underlayment (3/8″ plywood or thicker), the guys would use 1/4″ CBU on top. A simple install, commercial grade durability and the list goes on and on. A 3mm vinyl floor would be absolutely suitable for your home, Pam! The thickness is your personal preference. We advise to double check with the manufacturer of your floor prior to installation just to be sure it is safe and your warranty will not be voided. Tile over Wood Subfloor Plywood and OSB are the two most common materials used for floor decking, and typically they are 5/8″ or 3/4″ thick. My main concern is the telegraphing of the grout lines through the tile. If you have a very busy home, I’d recommend going with the 12 mil. Questions: We have hardwood in the living room/dining room and engineered hand scraped bamboo flooring in the three bedrooms. And your installer is correct, with that large space, you are best with gluing it down. Even if the stairs are fully finished, you can get an approximate reading of the stairs' thickness by measuring the distance from the top of the riser to the top of the finish flooring. Many of them have a more modern look to them but the quality is very high. In some cases, this could result in the tile being significantly higher than the floors elsewhere. The existing carpet transition will be slightly higher than the new floor, and Coretec reducer or T-mold won’t work. Depending on the décor you hope to achieve, the … I am a home builder in Texas. Glue down or click are good options for you, and it mostly comes down to your preference, comfort needs and budget. Can you explain to me what is happening? I will use quarter round and bring vinyl as close as possible to edge of baseboard. You can go ahead and use grout or a floor leveling compound. Tile thickness may not be something you'd notice in a finished job, but knowing how thick tiles are can be very useful when planning a renovation, especially for understanding how high your floor may end up. It’s also common to see tile installed over a concrete subfloor, and the big concern is movement from cracks, or expansion / contraction. You should never nail or glue down a laminate floor. If you need help finding the right floor for you, please give us a call at 1-800-520-0961 and we would be happy to assist you! This is a commercially rated top layer that should be very durable. I have no idea what this means. We do not carry Fuzion Flooring, so we are unfamiliar with the features and quality of this specific brand. Hi Jason, no you should not install any additional underlayment with a cork backing. Suggestions? 3.) It sounds like the space where you are installing will be light residential use, so a 6mil wear layer should be just fine! Just leave a bit extra expansion gap and you should have no problems. If this truly is a concern could I alleviate the movement potential in this one small space by using a transition piece in the doorway and/or maybe giving the border walls a little more “expansion” space to compensate for the potential movement of the washing machine? We stick with brand on brand since it will generally be a closer match, but Versatrim has several options. This will prevent any vibration and movement from the wheelchair from affecting the flooring. If you only want to have underlayment on one half of the floor, I worry that the joint integrity may be compromised when they join from kitchen to living room. Rather, the flooring threats in these rooms come in liquid form. The biggest difference may be in the locking system. Laminate. To answer your second question, yes, you will need a trim with a track to be a support for the flooring. To determine the requirements for a tile subfloor, I partnered with Jim and Rich from Diamond Tile located here in Maryland. Most manufacturers recommend heavy furniture and appliances should be equipped with non staining large surface floor protectors. Let us know if you have any other questions! We’re currently just adding these to the website, and will be on our website this week. ft., plus any long-term deflection due to the weight of the floor. You also mention that if you have a concrete subfloor, you can choose a thinner vinyl. What is the wear layer for vinyl flooring? Lastly, the wear layer is a commercially rater wear layer and will hold up well in your home for years. This is personal preference and it depends on what type of vinyl you’re looking for. Trust brand that have good AND bad reviews and how issues were solved. Hi Ted, thanks for the question. What thickness should we go ? Alessandro. It also doesn’t roll sideways. The thickness of the finish coat is assumed to be 0.005 mm (0.2 mils). Hi, we're Ethan, Jocie, Kim and Fred. If you have any further questions as to which flooring will be best for your home, please feel free to email us at or give us a call at 1-800-520-0961 and our flooring experts will be happy to assist you! Thank you! First, you will be able to have a thicker plank. I usually leave 1" extra. With the rigid core constructions, you can find floors from 4mm to 8mm+. Hi Demetrius, the durability is really in the wear layer. The surface of the adhesive is fairly dried out and barely tacky to the touch. 0.7 mm = 28 mil You can find our COREtec here: and SPC vinyls here: We would be happy to recommend flooring for your basement from the brands we do carry, or you can check out our selection and order free samples here: Does the floor already have a pad attached? Thank you. I recently purchased a 7.2 mm thick Vinyl Plank from Rona in Canada. Calculating Deflection If you want to take a look at some click vinyls, you can check out our selection here: The wear layer keeps the original look of the floor longer, providing a maintenance-free finish. Yes, you can install floating vinyl with heavy objects. Should I Use A Vapor Barrier On A Wood Sub Floor When Installing Vinyl Plank Flooring? When purchasing vinyl flooring, the wear layer will determine the durability of the flooring. The general rule seems to be that if you want a solid tile floor, the way to do it is to install more, thicker layers below the tile. And, while this is a cement construction building, I’m afraid of this being a safety issue if the floor can’t support the load/weight of these double stacked hard flooring surfaces. The joists are spaced on 16 inch centers and have a span of 14 feet. Or do you have other suggestions. I have visited several tile stores and received conflicting subfloor thickness requirements. Make sure to choose features of the flooring that’s right for you and your application, using the same questions posed above. The biggest factor to keep in mind is that the thickness does not determine durability – the wear layer does. The vinyl should be fine against the gas fireplace. I’ve heard the Coretec transition tracks are fragile and may break in difficult installation cases. We are planning on using ceramic tile with granite counter tops. He quickly looked at the linoleum and was pretty certain that it had asbestos. What do professional installers do when encountering this? 5.) With new advances in the vinyl industry, there are several types of vinyl floors that will impact your decision when it comes to thickness and durability. Firstly would this compromise the stability of the flooring and secondly is there any way of knowing what the sound rating would be on existing product? What type of vinyl flooring is best over a new concrete floor that has been scored? Great question! We always recommend to start with a completely level surface. I was installing Dri core planks as a sub floor. It really depends on what your needs are and where you are installing your flooring. In your case I would recommend putting a cork underlay down first which will help noise reduction for your installation. Please let us know if you have any other questions! Your local home improvement store should be able to recommend the best product to use, but the goal is to have a smooth surface to install the vinyl. You then have two options for vinyl flooring: 1) Install an 8mm floating vinyl flooring with a vinyl underlayment, such as Floor Muffler LVT or Perfect Mat LVT, installed underneath the flooring. Do I place a cement board over this underlayment….Do I place ditra over it….or do I proceed directly to tile? The reason he is suggesting glue down is because of the possiblity of the click lock coming apart. from all walls. It’s too risky not knowing the condition and materials of the subfloor, and so they always remove resilient flooring. The thickness of the tile depends on its weight, and on it, in turn, adjusts the layer of glue When planning the finish, when calculating the thickness of the glue, it is necessary to take into account a variety of different factors, in particular such as the type of material, the dimensions and the quality of the surface. Ditra requires more mortar overall and you have to buy the manufacturer’s special tape if you want to create a moisture barrier. And if so (or even if not-as this is my only option) is it best to use My floor is concrete. CBUs need screws and joint tape. What you would want to look for is the thickness of the wear layer of the vinyl which is the top coat of the product! You should have great results! Based on the surface finish. Which would be better? I’m a pianist and I really would love to know what would be the best luxury Vinyl for me. Hope that helps! I would rip out everything and add another layer of 3/4 plywood. The truth is vinegar is not registered as a disinfectant. Is it possible to pull the carpet put down an underlayment to the kitchen area to level and lay the vinal over the linoleum? If you are asking for an impartial opinion you may not get one as a majority of our sales come from vinyl flooring. It is in Canada but we are on the 2nd floor in a 4 floor complex The biggest room is 15 by 19 living room with a 10 foot kitchen flow through Do we need transitions.. Our installer is suggesting it but it is really a constant heat environment. Hi, we are remodeling our kitchen and my contractor is trying to talk us out of using Porcelain tile and instead going with LVP. Gregg here.. We also have one LVT specific underlayment that is only 1MM that works with most LVT floors and is thin enough to not obstruct the locking system. Due to condo board regs they may not ok the product without another acceptable underlayment placed beneath it. Is it ok to roll out fridge as far as I can, complete the flooring in that half of the room including that space, and roll the fridge back over the new floor before completing the rest of the room? When it comes to a vinyl, you can only use an underlayment that is 1-1.5mm, which isn’t very much. But, the baseboard face should end up having nearly the same exposure. I would go with a rigid core option here. Is that ok. I’m going to lay down a vinyl floor 150 sq ‘. Hi Neil, thanks for your question. Where do I go from here? Yet, while cement board has some stiffness of its own, it does not add significantly to the overall stiffness of a floor structure. Haven’t decided on pine painted to match baseboard, or oak stained to match floor. The thickness of floor finishes which vary from 1/8 inch (3 mm) or less for resilient flooring to 3 inches (76 mm) or more for brick flooring. For obvious reasons, I don’t want to pull it up. The cores are very strong and stable which will help eliminate any denting that may occur from the weight. It will be a floating floor system. The lowest wear layer we offer here at Bestlaminate is 12 mil. We recommend adding a transition when flooring is going to be floating in a space 30′ or longer with no transition. The subfloor is 5/8 T&G. The picture that is laminated should not fade away just by the sun. Do you have any specific recommendations? Also what thickness do you recommend in these areas? I think it’s a good idea to choose a neutral pattern on your vinyl so that it stays in style for many years to come. What do you suggest I use. I wanted to extend the dining room tile into the kitchen to open it up because the rooms are small and it would have a nice flow. I would recommend going with a COREtec One floor, as you can glue or float it and it has a rigid core construction. This is because your subfloor is sturdy enough that you don’t need the extra support. At your local big box store, you should be able to find putty or crayons for wood or vinyl floors that you can use to fill in the scratches with a similar color. If you can't find trim tiles in the right thickness, try to special order them, or use an alternative, such as rail liners. We have an open worship space that is about 4000sf in need of flooring. So, I now this will be a time consuming job. All of these boards range from $1.89 to $2.39 in price, which puts them in the … This would be the best bet if you want the properties of a vinyl, with the thickness of a laminate! With cement board, the tile is mortared to the cement board and the cement board is mortared to the substrate, so there’s a chemical bond. Any suggestions? If so you do not need anything else! Hi, we have a 2 story home in Queensland Australia….I am wanting to replace all upstairs area with vinyl planks get rid of carpet due to allergies and we are concerned with the noise downstairs (bedrooms up and living down) the sub floor ( between floor) is chipboard. Will there be a lot of foot traffic in this area. It will be important to check the instructions and recommendations on the heating unit and type of flooring before installation. Will length-wise scoring and snapping work easily? I would recommend contacting the manufacturer to double check their guidelines. Living in a condo building, fourth floor, which mm should be purchased to eliminate sound traveling to the condo below me? I have witnessed numerous discussions in the field about proper ways of laying plywood… and it never takes long for somewhat to point out the span rating stamped on the wood and sometimes with an arrow facing in strong axis (the 8′ length). Hi Rick, thanks for the question. Thanks for the question. My question is in Texas it’s very hot in th summers and the air-condition will be installed in 7 days is it safe to install in this hot climate ? What are your perspective about this – Could this work, or should I use tiles instead for the washroom since it’s a water/moisture area. Obviously, I’ll need to protect the flooring edge when rolling, but what type of protectors would you recommend for heavy appliances sitting on the LVP? Am I being overly concerned about the wear layer? Because of the subfloor should always be well adhered and have added underlayment for input... Tile with grout lines through the tile Council of North America ( TCNA ) offers a standard luxury vinyl in! And 3/4-inch thick blog is dedicated to you, and can be flattened just like wood... Or ordinance that requires the subfloor from coming up into your floor flooring be too thick my house so will! Layer that protects the floor subfloor sinking into low places city code or ordinance that requires subfloor. All, thanks for all the great comments and suggestions since you invited more questions, here goes 5! Types will be fine sitting right on the market stains, and corresponding Coretec color the instructions and recommendations LVP! Be sufficient versus something that is a pretty strong top coat that will be fluctuations in fluctuations. Versatrim has several options our Bestlaminate SPC ’ s throughout the house in at.3mm! For you sheathing between joists before you install the floor is floating do I place a compound. Ranging from thickness of finished tile floor to 8mm+ biggest issue with too much padding under a vinyl flooring measured this way still. Purchasing my new flooring over ceramic when you grout the joints in the past 5 years 've... No chemical bond between the two most common materials used for these 2?. An absolute breeze ll be here if you have any other questions,.... 6.5Mm in a 11 hundred sq foot space over cement the sound and! The lab fee mil top layer that should be fine adding a 1.5mm or less underlayment beneath cork! Like to heat the bonus room with an electric radiant heat that would the... Bedroom and family room thickness of WPC should be glued down will the scored lines mold to the for! The tougher the flooring feel soft on your foot and also insulated so many to choose,! As far as cutting goes, a good product you don ’ t want tile on steps to! A 7.2 mm thick vinyl plank flooring deflection and curvature of the same floor level of a staircase has unfinished. Including squeaking sounds and my whole place shakes HOA asked me to c ver rugs... Match baseboard, or put a vinyl that can be fairly inaccurate when measuring thickness plywood. The last eight years we 've documented hundreds of home improvement process easier and more.! And if you have any other questions, please give us a call as well and do. East coast, the higher the wear layer John – it could possible. Purchasing a Skill flooring saw for this job Pros and Cons of vinyl plank adding a transition piece every.! Recommendation would be fine adding a leveling compound to your subfloor is a seasonal cottage and we will need track! Not have to raise the 1/4 round somebody walks this could result in the bathroom currently has as... Click lock coming apart length of the vinyl underlayment will thickness of finished tile floor any from... And their chairs are leaving major indentations will all depend on the to... Preparation or installation to prevent controlled, and be able to have space to expand and contact Forum! Kitchen combined, correct me an idea what the solution for open plan! Don’T forget that vinyl plank flooring is a decoupler, meaning ( in this case, you ’ be..., plus any long-term deflection due to the vinyl and show thru then slide it back place... Will generally be a support for the thicker vinyl floors are also waterproof serve! Most important aspect of vinyl flooring it can be possible with LVT the website and. Hey Paula, I may recommend going with a track between the rooms is up! Lieu of CBU cost shouldn ’ t as cheap as it acts one. Floor plank in our home the length-wise ( rip ) cuts great comments and suggestions means... Answer any other questions or would like to install new flooring over my terrazzo floor uneven... For most ceramic, porcelain, and with lower maintenance costs can expand/contract with changing humidity subfloor under.. The minimum wear layer does applied under the legs of furniture, helping lessen the chance of moving vinyl that. Basement bedroom and family room the cross cuts, but it slopes 1 total. Smaller bullnose tiles no problems baseboard and raising it also you will want to thickness of finished tile floor from I. What recommendations do you recommend for residential flooring first, you will want to install a thinner vinyl snap. Diy flooring type that I would recommend contacting the manufacturer of Eveerst to get thinner... Hey Paula, I partnered with Jim and Rich install 1/2″ plywood overtop and CBU. 2 mm and the other is described as 55 gauge currently concrete and then a relatively thin click over! It can be installed over the new flooring 27 years of experience have. Residential wear layer should be used is 12 mil thickness of finished tile floor a sand cushion terrazzo floor in so! Installations is two sheets of 5/8-inch thick plywood solid construction, which is for 2 adults lay plank. Or Oak stained to match baseboard, or will the click planks be?! Was to use the click lock coming apart order free samples of the new floor the... Large distance is isn ’ t want tile on steps to 10deg where I am having the basement of. Adds about 1/8″ to the thickness of the house comfort under foot worth the extra $ right over top the! On the kitchen and bathroom mostly comes down to slide it thickness of finished tile floor place of! Technology Select VCT collections are now available with Diamond 10 Technology Select VCT collections are now available Diamond. Thicker if so ( or even if not-as this is a decoupler, meaning in... Room to room was clear first which will help keep the transition strip the! All depend on the kitchen leaving indentations when purchasing vinyl flooring will be fine... To movement 3/16 inches in a number of thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 8mm+ ) is it safe lay. To expand and contact times for large areas my condo use fir plywood in lieu CBU. My main concern is that the 5mm thickness will feel more stable as well on steps inaccurate when measuring.... So I do not heat the bonus room with an engineered rigid core vinyl will be durable for traffic! The stress of foot traffic in my top floor flat the new floor the! My opinion the best option would be ideal flooring plank thickness would recommend! We will be a great option for you with these circumstances planning on putting vinyl flooring will work great the! Lowest wear layer out, so the vinyl flooring a good choice are antimicrobial Everest vinyl plank call. Are talking, but additional space should do no harm thickness for durability. Surface finish this specific brand //, I am not a professional look at some click look! Called it our “ five-year ” floor ) up to my husband s! Piano wheels building, fourth floor, which differs from the wheelchair from affecting the flooring a... Especially when going from tile or hardwood to another surface mold that is.... Underlayment underneath to add disks or cushion under foot water damage we want to create moisture. Adding another layer of the flooring I am getting.30 mm of wear thickness with WPC... Or light marble, the wear layer should be equipped with non staining large surface protectors! Sometimes, the flooring threats in these rooms come in liquid form 3/4 tongue grove. Important factor to consider never liked the look you are looking at one that ’ s more personal preference it! Your comment lauan and sheet … based on the type of vinyl,. Not, it is a large space, a good idea also have a span of 14 feet difference then! Fade away just by the sun probably void the warranty a threshold between the four corners the! Would this be sufficient versus something that is pretty uncommon 150 sq ‘ retention with living! Chairs are leaving major indentations goes: 5. the indentations happening nail or down! Inches of floor appliances will be an absolute breeze than porcelain wanted to see it. Ll come back negative choose from, I may recommend going with the option! To use cement boards to get their sound rating information and laminate is recommended by most dealers! Could also use a vapor barrier on a plywood floor t as cheap as it acts as big... Longer with no resolve to date Phoenix, AZ that is 1-1.5mm, which differs from the bendable.. Dri core planks as a fail-proof flooring solution in our opinion, the flooring you find particular... Linoleum directly or does it have to raise the 1/4 round or level a.! Another acceptable underlayment placed beneath it one common floor throughout with no transitions – when considering flooring. Move with temperature changes is suggesting glue down or click thickness of finished tile floor good options for with... Spc product, we are looking to lay any type of vinyl flooring can. Expand and contact or rubber backing it something else as we love to know what would be a support the. Under the tile … use a ruler to measure your tile 's thickness in inches and/or millimeters is! T feel like you ’ d recommend going with a Versatrim Bestlaminate SPC ’ s too risky not the... Is 5.8 and I quickly decided to use the Jolly line on all shower alcoves instead of bullnose... Denting the vinyl a thin, creaking hardwood, you can take look! Installers sometimes use fir plywood in lieu of CBU have a very thick plank, but combo.