New stock arriving beginning of December, 2021. This plant also responds well to clipping and is often used for informal topiary work. Tough and robust, great for mass planting in difficult spots. Pre-order now. Evergreen. There is increased possibility of genetic variation carried in the seeds of dioecious plants. Native. None - the usually entire, dark green, leathery leaves, and big white flowers serve to distinguish it from all indigenous, naturalised and exotic species in New Zealand, except C. armandii which differs from C. paniculata by its much larger leaves with lanceolate lobed leaflets and smaller white flowers. 10.01.2020 - Fantastic New Zealand native, moss like plant with the cool name "Scleranthus bi..., #Cool #fantastic #Moss #Native #nznativegardenLandscapedesign #plant #scleranthus #Zealand Payment when stock arrives. The native name Kowhai means yellow and represents the pendulous racemes of nectar filled yellow flowers that appear in spring. Discovered at Matapouri Bay Northland this great landscaping plant has broad, lush, blue-grey, foliage and dainty sprays of creamy white blooms in summer. Large tree fern with black-stalked leaves to 5m long. Very easy to grow and hardy to just about any conditions. Great in rockeries or for mass plantings to cover banks and retaining walls. Pre-order now. Evergreen. Pre-order now. Happiest in shade. Estimated price $16.99 each. A much higher proportion (12–13%) of New Zealand tree species are dioecious compared with other parts of the world (less than 5% in the UK). Native Sons NZ. Attractive NZ native grass that forms a clump of tussock-like foliage. Nice compact habit making 'Pixie' a good choice for a rockery or container. This lovely tree will bring a graceful look to any planting scheme. If you wish your Festuca coxii clumps can be divided annually to refresh and/or multiply. Evergreen. The perfect plant to add texture and movement to your planting scheme. Evergreen. Pre-order now. Many of the species are very similar to those growing on Earth in the time of the dinosaurs – and even earlier. Plumes of creamy green flowers appear in early summer. Plants have evolved with animals, and the flowers have become specifically adapted to particular pollinators. The fine needles of foliage are a beautiful shade of blue green and quickly form a neat little clump. The moss also grows beneath rushes, over the stumps of fallen trees, across waterways, and beneath the fivemetre-high canopy of native beech trees that cover the swamp’s surrounding terraces. Evergreen. Resources for further information include Dragons in the mist, New Zealand’s unique ecology, Our changing ecosystems – timeline, Ecology of New Zealand and Green Antarctica and the New Zealand connection. Evergreen. New stock arriving beginning of June, 2021. Evergreen. Hardy and tolerant, easy to grow just about anywhere but prefers a well drained position. Tolerates coastal conditions and drier areas eg cobble beach fronts, rock ledges,steep cliff faces. 2 talking about this. Est.10yr.growth. If your clump of Carex becomes a little scruffy give it a new 'do' by cutting off the top growth - you can be quite severe - and it will rapidly re grow with renewed vigour. Pre-order now. Dainty small fern like foliage. A moss corner! The blooms are filled with nectar and attractive to birds. The brick-orange foliage looks very graceful as it waves and dances in the wind. Payment when stock arrives. Pre-order now. Estimated price $21.99 each. The little crowded leaves of this moss-like plant pack together to form undulating mounds of foliage that gradually spread. Plant around ponds as shelter for birds. The red colour intensifies in cold weather. Whilst this evergreen native tree will eventually reach 30m it won't happen in your life time as it is very slow growing. The Department of Conservation has recently produced a report on our endangered plant species – New plant status report shows increased threats – and kauri has now been reclassified as a threatened species, mainly due to kauri dieback disease. Plant in well drained soil, prefers filtered light. Attractive tufts of coarse green foliage with strong bronze tones. Renga Renga Lily. Payment when stock arrives. Loves moisture and shade with protection from harsh frost. Forms an erect trunk topped off with a crown of green fronds with distinctive silver-white undersides. Payment when stock arrives. In the warmer months fragrant white flowers appear, these are followed by fleshy seed pods. A highly valued native with a special place in Maori history. Berries will only occur on the female tree if pollination occurs. Mountain Toe Toe. Evergreen.Prefers a moist but well drained soil with plenty of organic matter. It is important that your 'Silver Fern' does not completely dry out in long hot summers. Evergreen. An easy to grow shrub that has striking, aromatic, narrow foliage in tones of red and plum purple.