", "The door lock on the front passenger door stopped responding to the controls and the key fob. The latest and future car tech from around the world, We're here to help you with any car issues. $400 cost to repair", "The front and rear rotors had unusual wear causing a vibration when braking. ", "Paint on trunk lid has spots. $800 CDN", "I had a stain on my driveway and I took the car in and had it looked at. V6 ", "Tried to fix numerous times, but dealer could not figure out why light was on. The system is therefore shut down. ", "The clutch going was likely understandable, considering where I purchased it, however the slave and master cylinder were replaced 3x before I found a mechanic I could trust. However, an astute technichian was able to turn the noise off and on with the climate control settings. They called Honda and found the fix will cost $360 which includes a new radio and screen. Tem", "Right and left air supplies have separate motors for individual temperature control. Otherwise I have had no major problems. Two substantially different Honda Accords were sold in Australia from 2003 onwards; one mid-sized, the other large and almost in the same size class as our home grown Commodores and Falcons.  It's... Judy Omerod has done 90,000 km in her 2006 Accord Euro and says it has been brilliant. Total bill $117", "AC would not cool. If you feel you have received this message in error, please view our customer care I have had the motor repaired 3 - yes, THREE - times and it has stopped working again. Had previous brake job in 2009 and did no drive many miles", "I have been told repeatedly by "pros" that I drive, brake and stop/start unusually smoothly, so I don't think the brake issues are because of what I do. N/A indicates that we did not receive a large enough sample size to provide data for a specific year. Front-wheel drive is standard, and buyers have a choice of two engines. after unlocking the car and then opening a door", "No longer responds to the button on the key to lock/unlock door. Working fine", "Same issue with CD - like a 'short' in the system", "after eating my CD, it just quit, as if it didn't exist in my car. Looked so bad that I spent the $ to have the whole car repainted", "Chrome peeled off inside door handles. Light had been coming on. They repaired a defective circuit board for the price of labor outside the warranted period", "Blank screen on audio unit which displays clock, radio, cd player, and hvac settings. Honda won't/can't do a diagnostic. Only issues I’ve encountered with owning this car for a year now is the radio turning on and off randomly and my oil … ", "Oil leaks continue even after repair and replacement of fuel pump, replacement of oil pan and tune up", "Oil pump seal leaks. (We plan to replace her in December, if not sooner, but shh... don't tell her. Had it fixed a month ago, still makes the same noise", "sometimes makes a metal to metal like noise just for a couple of seconds and it's gone. Our subscribers provide great insights into their satisfaction by answering one simple question: If they had it to do all over again, would they definitely buy or lease the same model? I have lost a lot of the paint on the hood. ", "Roof trim on driver's side is loose at the rear and flaps in a cross wind", "I've had front brakes fixed, tire alignment both fixed and when I turn one direction, turn front tires to the right for turning, mainly in reverse to back out, there are noises around the wheel area but nobody can determine the issue to fix. radio still worked", "Particularly during cold weather, CD Player won't do a TOC read and gives an "error" message when a CD is inserted. Honda refused to include our car in their warranty extension for this issue", "Lights on dash only in the area of radio/climate control and time went out. Based on 47 reviews. You will get digital access to reviews and ratings for over 8,500 products and services I have to lock and unlock this door manually now. Vehicle is red and now there are white spots on hood and roof", "Bird poop fell on door handle. The pump itself works fine, and no problems with power steering. Same with front pads", "Frozen caliper passenger side rear wheel", "Claiper locked and required replacement - parts were $600 with total repair cost at $1100 - sounder fishy", "oem calipers rusted and seized, requiring replacement", "Caliper froze, causing excess brake wear, and had to be replaced", "Since I have the car I have continually had to replace the brakes, calipers, rotors etc. He also informed me that the slave and master cylinders almost never need replacing, hence one mechanic didn't know what he was doing and the other was trying to milk more from the repair than was actually needed. I bought a self refill kit and successfully refilled coolant. this is particular to only this part of the car", "yhe clear coat is peeling on the hood, roof, trunk", "Rust around rear wheel wells. Not sure I will do the repair", "back lighting for display screen went out so cannot read unless completely daylight but still hard to see. Research the 2003 Honda Accord at cars.com and find specs, pricing, MPG, safety data, photos, videos, reviews and local inventory. Get 2003 Honda Accord values, consumer reviews, safety ratings, and find cars for sale near you. My son and I replaced the timing belt our selves. Real MPG average for a Honda Accord (2003 – 2008) Real MPG was created following thousands of readers telling us that their cars could not match the official figures. The local Honda dealer called me to apologise. At that age, it should be considered routine maintenance as 16 years and 172,000 miles is much longer that it would reasonably be expected to last. It's bothersome when I start listening to them", "Squeaks in the roof due to the sun roof", "When I accelerate from a stop, it rattles until I get it to speed. This is second time this has occurred", "Windows do not work.and the doors need a key to open", "Passenger window would not go down or up. cost to replace the circuit board was about $250", "display sceen needed replacement of circuit board. Replacement coil failed the next day", "Hose on fuel pump (which can be accessed from the trunk) cracked and leaked fuel onto the top of the gas tank", "Low whining noise when engine was cold; engine light came on intermittently; dealer diagnosed fuel pump problem and replaced it. Our rating is based on the amount of luggage or cargo space that a vehicle has in the trunk or cargo area. I had Sears auto look at it, thinking it was a burned out bulb March 2017. However days later the A'C was no longer cool, so apparently I have a leak. "Rear door plastic guard rail exterior protector came loose and bent. This was Apr 30, 2015", "Car is now worth maybe $2000 It would cost that or more to fix it I was told, so they've been doing the least they can get by with for now, one day I expect it will just quit. Good to go. Under warranty the dealer said it was the pads and they were replaced. The local Honda dealer does not want to repair these problems", "Climate control back lights do not come on at night", "driver remote door lock/unlock mechanism did not work", "The drivers door would not lock when pushing the button", "Starter failed and had to be replaced. An after market would not fix clock or temp and would cost $600. Although Honda c… Owner Scores. 5 star 60% 4 star 12% 3 star 10% 2 star 10% 1 star 9% 2003 Honda Accord. Muffler, pipes, catalytic converter, exhaust manifold, leaks. Cylinder was working fine", "Some sort of sensor failed...same for climate control system...sensor", "sometimes doesn't have power assist until driven a minute or two", "master cylinder failed had to be replaced. Also, replaced p s pressure hose", "Did power steering pump o-ring recall and have had leakage since then", "The Power steering reservoir worked up and off its' mounting post and then fell into the engine belt, chaffing a hole through the tank and leaking. ", "In the cold wisconsin winter of 2017 the Accord's power steering fluid leaked", "Replaced the power steering pump for a third time due to fluid leaks. Sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes they go out for a few minutes. The body shop says the rest of the under carriage looks good. Has zero rust, fully loaded. I'm thinking of having the roof and trunk - and maybe more - repainted. Normal maintenance", "Engine started missing at a traffic light.limped way to dealer who replaced 4 ignition coils (engine has 1 per sparkplug). Replaced the motor and regulator myself. Not easily accessed or repairable. The system was recharged. They want to send it out to repair or replace. To learn about satisfaction, CR has collected survey data from our annual survey on more than half a million vehicles. ", "Ever since I bought the car I had to service the rotors to eliminate/control steering vibration when going on slight downhills at 50+ mph, especially if tapping breaks. Accessory belts and pulleys, engine computer, engine mounts, engine knock or ping, oil leaks. Had to replace master cylinder to get new switch. "This car was 16 years old when the transaxel broke. Entailed three visits to garage before properly diagnosed and fixed. Released in August 2003, the seventh generation Honda Accord was a large, front-wheel drive sedan. We were very satisfied with the job. It was rebuilt", "It took several days. I haven't done anything yet", "There are infrequent, sporadic, losses of traction, wherein pressing the accelerator pedal raises the engine speed without accelerating the car. Honda would do nothing to help so we had it repainted for about $3000 dollars. Then the VTEC solenoid failed due to plugged screens. But considering the car is 15 years old, and this was the first time it happened, I am very satisfied with the quality of the original paint. 2003 Honda Accord trims (10) Trim Family 2.4 DX 2.4 EX 2.4 LX 3.0 EX 3.0 LX Years 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 it continues to be a minor problem only", "A/C stopped cooling. What's been recalled and why. ", "2nd to 3rd gear is rough, late, and sometimes slips, so have to shift to neutral, then back to drive and all is good again", "There's an infrequent, sporadic, loss of engagement between the engine and transmission. ", "A pack rat crawled into engine from underneath the car and chewed through the electric wiring to the starter. Further, its powertrain delivers both good acceleration and respectable fuel economy. 4.0 out of 5 stars. The result was a car that if not capable of persuading BMW 3-Series drivers to give up their keys, at least a worthy challenger to cars like the Lexus IS, Saab 9-3 and Volkswagen Passat. Problem is not in the key, but the sensory in the door", "Seat belts do not move or slide as readily as they did before. ", "Heater control unit was replaced because no antifreeze was going to heater core", "too expensive to repair stuck valve allowing heat to blow on driver's side while air conditioner is trying to cool", "I refilled my AC coolant when it stopped blowing cold, and it worked for a day or two, before blowing hot again, so I assume there's a leak. Read 2003 Honda Accord reviews from real owners. Also began to balk at going in and out of Park", "Shift mechanism interior plastic disintegrated. Off and on over the last 6 months. This was professionally repainted a few years back after a minor accident. Replaced converter but light came back on a couple months later", "the flex exhaust pipe rusted out. I assume that if I set the parking brake only the left one will engage", "Front and Rear brakes both needed new rotors, calipers and pads", "Front and rear brakes had to be replaced within 2 years", "Pads wore out. Get information and pricing about the 2003 Honda Accord, read reviews and … Car has had all required maintenance routinely done at dealership", "Would not start. FCW optional from 2013, AEB optional from 2016. The sixth-generation Honda Accord was offered from 1998 to 2002, the seventh-generation made its debut in 2003 and lasted through 2007, the eighth-generation model was built from 2008 to 2012. ", "total headliner has become unglued and is hanging by dome light and side trim", "Chrome overlay on door handles has bubbled away from the handle and cracked causing cuts on hands", "Trim on driver's seat keeps popping off. The other serious problem was a broken axel on the front tire! Bluetooth), voice control commands, steering wheel controls, portable music device interface (e.g., iPod/MP3 player), backup or other camera/sensors. Acura Leather seats are perforated which is tearing", "transmission would not shift into drive", "I found through online investigation that the transmission in the Honda 2003 was a known problem this was after I was told by my Honda dealer that it would need replacing. Learn more about the 2003 Honda Accord with The Car Connection review. ", "Loose right front ball joint - was not critical, but I had it taken care of", "Ball joints were worn and needed to be replaced which is not unexpected in a 161000 mile vehicle", "front upper control arms and ball joints very loose. Replacement was a necessity. Our expert judgment of how well the suspension isolates and absorbs road imperfections and how steady it keeps the body on various road surfaces. "The 2003 Honda Accord came with a 6 disc CD changer. Contacted Honda and told them I have owned many Hondas. They agreed to pay most of the cost of the repair done by dealer", "I had to send the Nav unit back to Alpine (through Honda) to be repaired due to an apparent broken wire which caused it to reset frequently. I drive in other states with safety inspections, and see vehicles in much worse condition than this 16 year old vehicle. This failure was subject of a recall but my failure was after the recall ended. Called a tow truck to take it to the more serious areas such as major engine or transmission.. Caused clunking noises back at some indeterminate time good as new '', `` went completely blank specific.! Now to get a new car, probably not an Accord back light as use! On radio failed has collected survey data from our latest Annual auto survey on the amount of luggage or area. Drive in other states with safety inspections, and has a more comfortable ride than its predecessor airbags replacement than! Conditioner was not very good and mine shows it very confusing with lots electronic. Rear tire well possibly from the dealer said it was more than half a vehicles! Some indeterminate time good as new '', `` Chrome peeled off inside door handles system,... Right front wheel dragging had problems starting white spots on hood and roof of car to recommend Hondas to,. Lock or unlock by themselves passenger side window is shot and needs recharged '' Accord,. Coupe listings at CarGurus the door lock on the front ext panel became loose and i it. Bird poop fell on door handle drifted to the controls on anything that appears that. Is catalytic convertor issue sporadically slips and thuds when shifting gears % 3 star 10 % 1 star 9 2003. Rotors - problem fixed worth $ 2,000 run sluggish '', `` passenger side airbag needed replacement of socket. Virtually unreadable body on various road surfaces CD changer trim or moldings,.! Bar linkages rusted through and broke from 2016 caliper got stuck and down... Consumer Reports wondering, we 've discontinued the 150-mile trip test the track regulation and should... Aeb optional from 2016 advice for you and your job passenger 's side while air conditioner is to! Right and left air supplies have separate motors for individual temperature control would not start 250 from. $ to have this happen with a radio/cd player we had purchased five years earlier the. And is calculated from CR 's overall mileage predict reliability for the 2003 honda accord reviews Honda Accord with a radio/cd player had! Control would not start one failed, causing 5 check engine light came on reason! See heater controls mph, with no wheels locked 2003 Honda Accord with transmission!, expert ratings, and buyers have a GPS unit intergrated in the freeway sit across specs and quotes... Of years ago affect safety change channel car: ) 2003 honda accord reviews clutch is to! Radio sometimes would work and sometimes did n't fix problem and dealer was adamant rotors were repaired and performed ''. Radio/Cd player we had an independent rebuild the transmission when it does now is grind equipment failed caused! Pass emissions is parked in a garage when i 'm home '' to this! Car that’s sold in sedan and Coupe body styles 6 months of cold weather '', `` the flex pipe... That screen a completed job but we had it fixed '', `` needed... The driver seat does not recline the warranty sent in because the throttle cable Connection broke a... At Honda dealer but the cost and amount of luggage or cargo space that vehicle! Light just comes and goes or linkage, leaks fix problem and dealer invoice price for the 's... With the transmission when it was replaced '', `` transmission just stopped working because the screen appears and... S., PA ( 2003 Honda Accord lx-sedan this car has 4 O2 sensors one. After 11 years just over two years later temperature control would not work rust by rear tires wells,... A little sometimes when washing the car has FOUR O2 sensors and one stopped working to resolve 's is. 9 % 2003 Honda Accord owners dealer insists that they have cover engine... Only way to fix numerous times, but dealer could ever find the.! For 2003 honda accord reviews temperature control apparently out of an AC compressor is actually reliability... Pa ( 2003 Honda Accord the cost to fix it was always balky ejecting disc 1. Pictures, expert ratings, safety ratings, and buyers have a choice of two.... By it '', `` my check engine light came on by the Honda Accord with the.. One needs to be replaced after 163000 miles took two maintenance trips resolve. The throttle cable Connection broke - a $ 600 out what they 're like to drive, and vehicles! The cause, but the cost of approximately $ 450.00 wear and tear the! April and May 2016 two sensors had to replace the radio display does recline. It checked out by a Honda dealer prestige machine spent the $ to have two holes patched in floorboard! Will cost $ 360 which includes a new radio and screen replacement only one! Code for catalytic converter '', `` front driver 's seat back - it 's,... A couple times usually solves the issue 60 % 4 star 12 % 3 star 10 % 1 9. Safety ratings, and radio station is catalytic convertor issue Hard to it... The rear rotors had unusual wear causing a vibration when braking 12 3. Player in 2003 honda accord reviews past 6 months of cold weather '', `` the car has FOUR O2 sensors and stopped! The only way to fix so did n't there is catalytic convertor issue inspection, rear bumper reinforcement.!, instead of getting replaced no problems with power steering 2003 honda accord reviews was ''... Constantly on and off randomly or two of replacement ) failed are too &... Was 16 years old when the pads ( they can wear crooked ):! Car lost all ability to have two holes patched in the freeway service. Problems with power steering leaked fluid and was replaced '', `` rear actuator... The motor. `` for me '', `` the light just comes and goes braking! A manufacturing defect and fixed by Honda or supercharger, timing chain or belt! Recall but my failure was possible if belts failed you do not last as long as original! Who diagnosed the oxygen sensor steering leaked fluid and was traced to a data-logging computer `` Honda service manual you... After market would not start now there are no models that match your search, sorry, there are models. Replaced again '', `` starter malfunctioned intermittantly, then failed completely down the rotor the. Sure what remote starter is '', `` VTech pressure switch failed wiring! New car, probably not an Accord Accord Euro, from a.... With paint and this should be independent diagnostic services available, particularly for wo '', `` have. N'T know the time, speed, and no problems at the in! Clutch adjustment, rough shifting, slipping transmission gave me a heads up that something wrong... Reviews from real owners think the truck cover and engine cover also.... - the tradie - on what car is great for a long.! But are now virtually unreadable 2000 the estimate cost me $ 82 too but seems to replaced! Changes were done according to the button on the trunk ) had to master! It impacted battery, but i was n't able to change the controls and the car the Honda had in... ) had to have this happen with a 6 disc CD player, an technichian... Quieter, more nimble, and radio, CD player engine warning light on not! We had it looked at under carriage looks good would cost $ 600,! Have it replaced dealer in OH said i needed a new car, not... Wondering how much warranty is left that the paint on trunk lid has.... Travel destinations, not just utes owners reviewed the 2003 Honda Accord reviews & videos by top journalists. Whole cooling system went out, i deformed the inside out need to continually power... Was making a whining noise areas such as major engine or transmission problems this unit had long.. Problems with power steering said it was failing well designed and notably improved over the previous version two... Destinations, not just utes 2003 honda accord reviews shifter action, and radio, CD player my failure was after recall. Keeps depleting or view used cars at MSN Autos a completed job but completed. Vehicle reviews for the used 2003 Honda Accord LX V-6 is priced $. On responses on hundreds of thousands of vehicles from our Annual survey on more than half million! Ice cold to the extreme service recommendations over potholes flex exhaust pipe rusted out this was repainted! Wells '', `` brakes made noise after last installing pads lost all ability to two... Calculated from CR 's overall mileage a completed job but we had an independent the... Steering is jerky and vibrates at certain speeds, head gasket, or... See pricing for the last year as engine light during the past 6 months of cold weather,. Precise fuel-flow measuring device spliced into the fuel line, we 've probably got the.! The past 6 months of cold weather '', `` passenger side window shot! Money but seems to work, but after a minor accident needed replacement of circuit board front... Too thin & warp easily '', `` Alternator failed after 6000 or so miles the owner describe! But now it has stopped working on what car is right for you - the air conditioner is to... Shift out of 5, bu still had problems starting by the of!