Has anyone tried this with the new Gluten Free Bisquick? I'm doing WW what's the serving size for points value of 2.5. Even though I love the crust, I rarely eat it because it is so pointy. (The pie was edible and yummy, but not pretty). It was great! Gotta say I've never tried pumpkin pie, but then again, I had never tried carrot cake until about 15 yrs ago, now can't get enough of it. @Lisa- Great question. , Made tonight for dinner and everyone including my picky 7 year old wanted seconds! SO GOOD! I had to be careful and not eat more than my portion – LOL! can you use instant Bisquick? it looked like it only browned on top and the rest stayed uncooked. Thanks for all the inspiration! That's great! I never felt deprived because of you. I was supposed to make this on Thanksgiving as a surprise for my husband, but he went and bought one from the grocery store. I promise your friends will come back for seconds! It smelled delicious as it was baking and it was equally tasty. I thought maybe that is the way its supposed to be so I ate it, after cooking each piece for an additional time in the microwave…I wish I knew where I was going wrong because I really want this recipe to work!:(. 2 things here. I'm gonna halve the amount next time…just a thought…, This keeps happening to me too! A great recipe for zucchini lovers, the perfect side dish with anything you are grilling like chicken, fish, etc. Just made your pie first time with pumpkin from scratch-So O YUMMY!!! Yes, I would use 4 cups cooked chopped spinach. Thank you for this recipe,my vegetable hating granddaughter eats it. I have some extra zucchini that needs to be used soon so Im going to try this recipe tonight. I think next time I make it, I might try to make it more like that. It has made eating healthier/lighter so much easier. Adding the Turkey Italian sausage was a great decision and made it filling enough for a main dish. I’d like to try this recipe, however, I must eat gluten free (celiac). hi Gina I have recently stumbled onto your website and I must say I am competely inspired to cook so many of the wonderful recipes that you have. Every time I try to put foil over the edges, it's a disaster. It was still a little mushy/soft in the center. I don’t know why the suggestion to grate the zucchini and  place it in a towel to squeeze out the water hasn’t been suggested. Since I've found this recipe, I make it once a week and the family loves it. Thank you for this recipe. Any suggestions on a gf substitution for the bisquick? I substituted unsweetened applesauce for the olive oil and you can't even tell! Thanks for all your hard work and effort! Still good though, thanks! Ally, no apple pie yet, but my apple cobbler recipe is fabulous! I've never had a problem with the thinner crust, and, as I commented before, NO ONE has noticed the difference! I've made this zucchini casserole following your directions (very good, very dense and quiche like) then I made it a second time cutting out the olive oil (which made for a more fluffy consistancy) I only used a 1/2 cup of Bisquick (bisquick is 3pts per 1/3 cup!!) The picture you posted looks so amazing! Dec 21, 2012 - Crust-less Summer Zucchini Pie If you're looking for a tasty way to use up your summer zucchini, this is it! I love this recipe- for those who eat glutin free it works well with the gluten free bisqick. too many on a plant ….can't wait to try this one thank you. I think it came out fine, though next time I'd probably just use a bigger pan. I think the key may be to halving the amount of zucchini. Also, to Erin, I also used to have problems with the edges burning, even with the foil, as it doesn't want to always stay in place. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm a big fan of Bob's products. You can use Splenda instead of the sugar if you wish. I made this today for Thanksgiving dinner with my family. I found, (available at Macy's, I'm sure, or any good store), a "pie crust shield", that is just a round circle made of hard aluminum, that just sits on the top of the pie. I think I'm going to try making this tomorrow w/ GF bis. Skinnytaste. My husband at 3 pieces! That being said, I made this for dinner and paired it with tomato soup and it was delicious. It just might be a lighter version of spanakopita for WW since it is a higher points food and I don't make it too often because of it. You end up having to cook it a little longer – just keep xhecking it to see if it’s set in the middle (insert a butter knife; if it comes out clean, it should be done). . I have done other low cal pumpkin pies but this one is the best! Even better was the look on his face when I told him it was actually a low-calorie recipe. Will definitely be trying it soon. I have lost 10 pounds thanks to you and your recipes, i can finally enjoy loosing weight!! Loved the new recipe for the pecan phyllo cups and was wondering if this pumpkin pie recipe could work in the phyllo cups also? Instead of using 1 egg and 2 egg whites, can you just use the equivalent in Egg Beaters? So somewhere out there thee is a dough made bu pillsbury that you just roll out and use! You can also make a "Crustless" Pumpkin Pie. I will use a little less onion next time. I have made this three times! just made this last night with summer squash and it reminded me so much of corn casserole my grandmother made at thanksgiving as a child so I think I might do the same thing I will let you know how that turns out!

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