Springsteen wrote most of the tracks during April 2019 on a single fan-gifted guitar, which ended a lengthy drought of rock song writing. Burnin’ Train 4. The worst track on “Letter to You” is better than just about everything on last year’s meandering “Western Stars” LP. Written as early as 1970, “Priest” was … Springsteen assembled the E Street Band at his home studio for five days of recording in November 2019 but finished after just four. All rights reserved (About Us). Before we dive in, a note: The quality of songwriting on this album, both lyrically and sonically is very high. Best line: “Janey needs a shooter now, a shooter man who knows her style, the way that I know her style.”. Starting off with the reflective 'One Minute You're Here' which is a sort of 'Secret Garden' but lacks the impact of that classic. Though that might have been the more captivating move considering this new track is something of a snoozer. Whether it’s my father or Clarence or Danny, all those people sort of walk alongside you. Other than that night and one other on the “Devils and Dust” tour, Springsteen has scarcely played the song he wrote prior to his Columbia Records signing in 1972 and considered including on “Born to Run” in ’75. Subscribe today », Bobby Olivier | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com, complete album review of the “Letter to You”. Best line: “The black-leather clubs all along Route 9, you count the names of the missing as you count off time.”. Wer die gemütlich rockenden Songs bevorzugt, der ist beim Titelsong "Letter to you", "Last man Standing" und dem sehr nachdenklichen "House of a thousand Guitars" bestens aufgehoben. “The record is the first record that I’ve made where the subject is the music itself,” he said. I pulled that bothersome thread. 'Neath a crowd of mongrel trees. The album’s other bookend again considers one’s passing, this time more with more reverence and joy as Springsteen declares “for death is not the end” — as long as his lost loved ones may still visit his mind. Letter To You Radio with Bruce Springsteen On this five-part radio series, Bruce Springsteen celebrates the release of his latest album with the E Street Band, Letter to You. These had been previously recorded in various arrangements but never officially released. In these final two minutes, the nearly seven-minute song plays like a Springsteen concert encore — all power, no end in sight. In that way, “One Minute You’re Here” is the LP’s closest cousin to the preceding “Western Stars” record released last year. Listen to Letter To You by Bruce Springsteen on Apple Music. That doesn’t sound quite possible!’ I live with the dead every day at this point in my life. 1. artistfacts. "Letter To You". I want you to know that I miss you I miss you so I want you to know that I miss you I miss you so I'm writing again these letters to you aren't much, I know But i'm not sleeping and you're not here The thought stops my heart Do you notice i'm gone? Grabbed my pen and bowed my head. The … The recordings were produced by Ron Aniello and Springsteen and came after a period of writer's blockthat the musician had which spontaneously broke over the course of a week and a half of intense songwriting in April 2019 and was inspired in part by the death of Springsteen's former bandmate George Theiss. Best line: “Well sweet Virgin Mary runs the Holy Grail saloon, for a nickel she’ll give you whiskey and a personally blessed balloon.”. His vocal performance isn’t perfect — he cracks, he falls momentarily out of tune — but it’s arresting nonetheless. Letter to You is Bruce Springsteen’s twentieth studio album and his first with the E Street Band since 2014. No, “House of a Thousand Guitars” is not a Willie Nile cover. Janey Needs a Shooter 5. Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. The album was recorde… As Springsteen sings of the healing power of music itself — a fair point, especially these days — the verse and choral melody never deviate, creating a rather unwelcome ear worm over four and a half minutes. Things I found out through hard times and good. The core of Letter to You is a batch of songs that focus on the healing power of rock and roll, the mysterious alchemy a band can conjure. The lyrics discuss themes of regret, aging and dying. Please subscribe now and support the local journalism YOU rely on and trust. Thematically, the dusty western backdrop fueling “Rainmaker” fits the “Western Stars” bill, but the confident, gravel-throated approach is more akin to “The Rising” or “Darlington County” off “Born in the U.S.A.” It’s a fun, bounding E Street jam detailing desperation and the need to believe — easily an allegory for today’s political climate and all the hollow promises made therein from both sides of the aisle. It’s about being in a rock band, over the course of time. Recorded live over just five days, it marks a return to the band’s classic Born to Run-era sound (complete with signature sax solos, organ and glockenspiel) which Springsteen had long steered away from in the studio. So as far as ranking songs, it’s all relative. Where do you run to so far away? Their spirit, their energy, their echo continues to resonate in the physical world.… A beautiful part of living is what we’re left by the dead.”, Shortly after Theiss’ death, something quite extraordinary happened. I posted my complete album review of the “Letter to You” last week but now, to celebrate its release, I’m breaking down each of the album’s 12 tracks and ranking them best to worst. You know [I told him], ‘Thanks. The Power of Prayer 7. If you’ve been following Springsteen’s concert album releases over the last few years, you may have already heard 50-year-old “Song For Orphans,” the live version of which was released in 2019 with the official recording of his Nov. 22, 2005 Sovereign Bank Arena performance in Trenton. “I love the emotional nature of Letter To You,” says Springsteen. There was an Italian kid there. Letter to You 3. “Burnin' Train” lets loose with high tempo unlike most of his recent releases — a sure-fire favorite for fans craving the bandana-clad “No Surrender” days. Bobby Olivier may be reached at bolivier@njadvancemedia.com. The mouthful verses twist and turn in free association — such was Springsteen’s writing style at the time — and the melody is warm, even if you have no clue what he’s actually singing about. I pulled that bothersome thread. One Minute You’re Here 2. Find NJ.com on Facebook. © 2020 Advance Local Media LLC. And send it in my letter to you Whoa! Rumbling like a freighter down the track, “Burnin' Train” is a big, bracing rock track familiar to Springsteen’s “Born in the U.S.A.” heyday. "Letter to You" Single by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band; from the album Letter to You; Language: English: Released: September 10, 2020 () Studio: Thrill Hill Recording, Colts Neck, New Jersey, United States: Genre: Rock; heartland rock; Length: 4: 55: Label: Columbia: Songwriter(s) Bruce Springsteen: Producer(s) So “Letter to You,” the song, comes across urgent and sincere. The wistful tune is more or less a throwaway otherwise, led by Roy Bittan’s syncopated piano melody, in step with a mid-tempo track we might’ve heard on “Magic” or “Working on a Dream.” The verse melody is nearly identical to “Last Man Standing.”, Best line: “I’m reachin' for heaven, we’ll make it there, ‘cause darlin’ it’s just the power of prayer.”. Between 17 and 70. The rousing lead single and title track feels almost like a parting note from Springsteen: The Boss has assured in recent interviews that the “you” in “Letter To You” refers to the listener, to whom he explains the core of his songwriting inspiration: “Things I found out through hard times and good.” The mid-tempo heartland rocker could stand some more propulsion, but as the album’s focal point, it’s a worthy track and exciting reintroduction to the full band. With music streaming on Deezer you can discover more than 56 million tracks, create your own playlists, … Best line: “Rainmaker take everything you have, sometimes folks need to believe in something so bad, so bad, so bad.”. Best line: “To every gypsy mystic hero that the kids might find a place, who’ve been lost forever to mom and pop on their weekends out in space.”. It’s the best the band has sounded since 2002′s “The Rising,” if not earlier. songfacts ®. The triumphant single is the group’s biggest rock banger in many years and does well to pay homage to those lost in Springsteen’s life: among them Theiss, Clemons and Danny Federici. Listen to Letter To You by Bruce Springsteen on Deezer. It also, importantly, demonstrates the band’s unacknowledged flexibility. One of the weakest songs is the title song 'Letter To You' - Bruce usually saves his best songs for the title track as The River. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. Letter to You is Bruce Springsteen’s twentieth studio album and his first with the E Street Band since 2014. Recorded in just five days at The Boss’s home studio in Colts Neck, it’s the group’s first album ever to be recorded entirely live in the room, with virtually no overdubs. Bruce Springsteen Lyrics. All 12 of Springsteen’s new ‘Letter to You’ tracks, ranked best to worst 1. Best line: “I tally my wounds and count the scars, here in the house of a thousand guitars.”, Get it, Jake! “It’s about popular music. Bruce Springsteen released a new song Thursday morning called "Letter to You," the title track to an upcoming, 12-song album due out Oct. 23.. Please support local journalism. Last Man Standing 6. Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission. It’s a vibrant and telling finale to a record that could easily function as a fond farewell for the full-band outfit if they choose to never record another LP as ambitious as this one. Auch "Rainmaker", mit seinem Western-Flair, gehört zu dieser Art Nummern, beginnt auch eher balladesk, wird dann aber immer kraftvoller, fast schon aggressiv. House of a Thousand Guitars 8. I want you to know that I miss you I miss you so [x4] Follow him on Twitter @BobbyOlivier and Facebook. If I … The album’s atmospheric opener introduces the primary theme: a contemplation of mortality, the end of physical being and what that means, especially for a 71-year-old rock icon whose energy flows through so many fans. “Ghosts”. Bruce Springsteen unleashed a force of nature into the ethos a few days ago, as Letter to You, a new studio album recorded with the E Street Band is … According to an interview with Rolling Stone, Letter to You was strongly influenced by the loss of E Street members Clarence Clemons and Danny Federici, as well as George Theiss, the lead singer of Springsteen’s first band. The record really starts with ‘Letter to You’, but there’s this little preface that lets you know what the record is going to encompass. 'Neath a crown of mongrel trees. The result: A brilliant heartland-rock album that returns to the patented E Street sound with fervor and joy. I’m like, ‘I’m not gonna see Clarence again? If the treatment gives you goosebumps, you’re not alone. But there’s a certain sentimentality with which Springsteen goes after his old folk song that’s unmatched across the rest of the album. The harmonica is welcome, too. Most of the guys in the band [The Castiles} died young for one reason or another, and so it really kind of came down to George and myself.“ […], “The loss of Clarence and Danny still echoes every day in my life,” […], “I still don’t believe it. We had this built for you. (Danny Clinch). The opening guitar chug reminds of The Killers' “All These Things That I’ve Done,” a full-circle moment considering how much the band worships Bruce, before Springsteen’s piercing, ’70s-era solos steal the song, playing foil to the conventional chorus. Good. Three songs are old – one, the excellent If I Was the Priest, so vintage that Springsteen played it at his 1972 audition for Columbia’s A&R John Hammond. Letter to You is not an album to snare new listeners, compounded by the fact that it contains a lot of good songs but no spectacular breakout hit: House of a Thousand … Written as early as 1970, “Priest” was performed by Springsteen during his storied Columbia Records audition in ’72 and then never officially released — until now. I don’t know many other jobs where that happens.“, The New York Times: Letter to You includes nine recently written Springsteen songs, as well as new recordings of three of his legendary, but previously unreleased, compositions from the 1970s, “Janey Needs a Shooter,” “If I Was the Priest,” and “Song for Orphans.” And send it in my letter to you. Best line: “I lay my penny down on the rails, as the summer wind sings its last song.”.

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